Having a girl's night out

Going out to eat with your friends can provide a delicious and much-needed break from other parts of life. Click here for more information.

What is the Fuss About Wagyu Beef?

24 March 2017
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Sometimes referred to as Kobe beef, Wagyu beef is a world-renowned dish which is enjoyed as a high-quality foodstuff globally. Although Wagyu beef commands a high price in eateries in many corners of the earth, just as good quality cuts of beef can be found in a typical steak and seafood restaurant. So, why is there such a commotion when it comes to this Japanese beef? Does it really stand up to other prime beef breeds, such as the Shorthorn, the Angus or the Hereford? Read More …

3 Vegan-Friendly Dishes You Can Order At A Sushi Restaurant

27 July 2016
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You don't always get the final say in where you go out to eat when meeting friends or family for a meal. A sushi restaurant isn't likely to be one of your top choices of lunch or dinner venues when you live a vegan lifestyle, but there are a number of sushi train dishes and items on the hot food menu that are suitable for vegan diets. Traditional Japanese cuisine uses lots of fresh vegetables, tofu can easily be substituted for meat in most dishes and the wasabi and soy sauce that are served as accompaniments contain no animal products. Read More …

3 Authentic Indian Desserts to Finish Off the Perfect Meal

26 January 2016
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To finish off the perfect Indian meal, you absolutely have to order dessert. This is especially true if you had some fiery hot curry or dishes, as sweet desserts will help balance and neutralize the spiciness from the previous courses. Although most Indian restaurants offer standard American desserts, like ice cream, you should expand your palate and try out some authentic Indian desserts. If you've been wondering what you should look forward to, here are 3 desserts that might pique your interest. Read More …

3 Etiquette Tips for Hosting Business Meeting at Fine Dining Establishments

22 January 2016
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When hosting a business meeting at a fine dining establishment, the manner that you present yourself will define your position in the company and your company's image. While you might already be fully aware of simple etiquette, such as basic table manners like chewing with your mouth closed and wiping your fingers and mouth often with a napkin, there are additional things you should do if you are the host. Here are 3 tips you might not be aware of. Read More …

Chopsticks For Forks: 2 FAQs

14 January 2016
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Eating out is often always a memorable experience. Apart from eliminating the hustle of making a home-made meal, eating out provides individuals and their families with the opportunity to bond while enjoying their favorite dishes. Eating out also exposes individuals to the culinary aspects of other cultures. For example, eating at a Chinese restaurant, such as Han Palace, exposes the individual to cultural aspects of the Chinese cuisine such as the use of chopsticks. Read More …