Two Easy Ways to Make a Restaurant Date More Romantic

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Two Easy Ways to Make a Restaurant Date More Romantic

22 June 2020
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There are many easy ways to make your upcoming restaurant date as romantic as possible. Continue reading and find out more.

Share one restaurant menu

When two people sit down at a table in a restaurant, their waiter or waitress will usually present them with two menus. If this happens, you should not sit and peruse your own menu whilst your date does the same with theirs; instead, you should invite them round to your side of the table or booth and share your menu with them.

When you're on a date and you're both reading your own menus, the conversation can dry up because each of you is engrossed in the text in front of you. Furthermore, because restaurant menus are usually quite large, they can become barriers between two people sitting at a table that temporarily prevent them from making eye contact. This is not particularly romantic.

Conversely, if your date shares a restaurant menu with you, the two of you will have to sit close to one another. You can then both enjoy the intimacy of this seating position, with your heads bowed together and your hands occasionally brushing up against the other person's as you each scan the menu for dishes you might like.

Aside from the physical contact that it allows for, doing this will also enable you to easily point out which dishes you think they might enjoy, without having to lean over the table with a bulky menu in hand and risk knocking over the bread basket or water jug. This is important, too, as whilst little mishaps like this can be funny, they are not really conducive to romance.

Keep your health conditions in mind when deciding what to eat

If you have health conditions that are affected by the foods you consume, then you must keep these in mind when deciding what to eat (even if the effects you experience when you eat these foods are objectively mild). Whilst you should definitely choose food that you find delicious, indulging in foods that, for example, leave you with terrible indigestion might make it hard for you to be romantic with your date.

For instance, you might not feel like whispering something amorous in their ear if you have been suppressing the urge to belch ever since you finished your dinner. Likewise, you might decide that having a goodnight kiss is out of the question if your heartburn is so bad that you cannot stop wincing. As such, if you want your date to feel even more besotted with you by the end of the evening, you should stick to the foods that you know will not inflame your health conditions.