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Three Questions To Ask Yourself Before Deciding on a Wedding Venue

14 October 2021
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Choosing a wedding venue is so exciting, whether you're looking for a beautiful restaurant or a modern hotel. However, it can be easy to get caught up in your excitement and forget to consider certain things. This guide explains three questions you should ask yourself about any venue that you love to make sure it's perfect for you. Is It Accessible for All My Guests? It's easy to forget to consider accessibility, especially if you and your future spouse don't have any accessibility needs. Read More …

Why Chinese Food Is Still The King Of Takeaway

11 June 2021
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When it comes to takeaway food everyone has their favourites, and a lot of this comes down to personal preferences for certain cuisines. However, if you want to talk about a good value proposition then Chinese food takeaway is hard to ignore when you compare it to all the other options. If you are thinking about what you want for dinner, then here are a few reasons why you should consider choosing Chinese food over a burger or pizza. Read More …

Two Easy Ways to Make a Restaurant Date More Romantic

22 June 2020
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There are many easy ways to make your upcoming restaurant date as romantic as possible. Continue reading and find out more. Share one restaurant menu When two people sit down at a table in a restaurant, their waiter or waitress will usually present them with two menus. If this happens, you should not sit and peruse your own menu whilst your date does the same with theirs; instead, you should invite them round to your side of the table or booth and share your menu with them. Read More …

4 Authentic Chinese Soup Dishes

20 February 2020
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If you're a fan of eating at Chinese restaurants, you'll be aware there is a wide selection of soup dishes on the menu. However, people often overlook the soup choices and opt for starters they know and love, such as prawn toast or chicken satay skewers. Some of the soups on the menu aren't so familiar, but fans of Chinese cuisine are missing out when they ignore the soup dishes. Here are four authentic Chinese soups that are not to be missed. Read More …

Throwing a Party for Your Kid: 3 Top Tips

1 December 2019
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If it will be your kid's birthday soon, you may be thinking about ways in which you can celebrate in style. A great way of celebrating a birthday is to hire a table at a local restaurant so your child can celebrate with all of their friends. Below is a guide that will help you to make your child's birthday extra special. Read on to find out more about birthday parties for kids. Read More …