Choosing a Restaurant for a Large Group? Here's How to Make the Perfect Choice

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Choosing a Restaurant for a Large Group? Here's How to Make the Perfect Choice

13 March 2023
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Planning an event for a big group can be a stressful undertaking, and choosing a restaurant for a large-group meal is no different. This article explains three things you should consider, from your group's needs to the atmosphere. This advice is applicable whether you're planning a business lunch, a family meal, or a meeting of your old school friends.

Find Out About Your Group's Needs 

The first thing you should do is think about your group's needs. It's important that the restaurant you choose suits their needs, or it could be an unpleasant experience for them. For example, perhaps a member of your party eats a gluten-free diet, and you should choose a place with lots of gluten-free options. 

Maybe someone in your party doesn't have a car, so you should choose somewhere accessible by public transport. You might need to find somewhere that's wheelchair accessible, kid-friendly, or offers plant-based options. Whatever your group's needs, they're sure to appreciate you considering them.

Look at the Menu Choices

You might also want to consider the menu choices. You can usually find a menu online before your visit. Think about the choices, and whether they would suit the tastes and budget of your group. You don't necessarily need to choose a place with a huge menu to satisfy everyone, but make sure there are at least a few different choices. If you know that your group likes a particular type of food, such as pizza, sushi, or curry, you might let that inform your choices.

Think About the Atmosphere

Finally, think about the atmosphere you want for your meal. You can usually get a good idea of what a restaurant is like from browsing their reviews, social media, and website. This means that you can choose somewhere with the right vibe, putting your group in the right move. For a family reunion, you might want somewhere bright and fun, while a business lunch might call for somewhere modern and elegant. You can also avoid any awkwardness, such as realising you've brought your entire family to an intimate, romantic restaurant!

By considering the unique needs of your group, looking at the menu choices, and thinking about the atmosphere, you can plan a meal the whole group will love. Look through a list of restaurants in your area today to get started and speak to your group to find out their nutrition and diet preferences.