Planning a post-baptism function for friends and family

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Planning a post-baptism function for friends and family

13 January 2016
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If you have a very large family, it can seem slightly overwhelming to host all of your friends and family in your home, especially if you are still living in your relatively small 'couple quarters' and haven't upgraded to a family home yet. Here are some ways to help keep your post-baptism function under control and from stressing you out.

Monitor the guest list

If you are paying for the function, you have every right to limit the guest list only to friends and family that you regularly interact with -- no point inviting cousin Maria if you haven't spoken to her in 10 years. In some cultures, your parents may want to be involved and pay for some guests, but be sure to give them a set amount of guest they can invite to avoid one set of in-laws inviting hundreds of people and the other side inviting 10 people.

Be smart with your timing

While it can seem easier to plan the event for directly after the baptism itself, the ceremony can be quite exhausting for a young baby, and many bubs will be in a much better temperament if they get a chance for a post ceremony feed and nap before a busy function. Having a morning ceremony and an afternoon tea, or an afternoon tea and supper might be a good way to maximise everyone's enjoyment of this special day.

Consider outsourcing the catering and hosting

If it seems unavoidable that the post-baptism function will involve your extended family and anyone your parents and parents in-law interact with regularly, consider outsourcing the event to a restaurant that regularly deals with large functions. That way the stress of trying to find seats, cutlery and crockery and space for the guests as well as keeping food and drink flowing can be left with someone else and you can focus on the equally important job of receiving compliments on your darling new child. If you are having a particularly large event, you may find that the extended family give you gifts and contributions that more than cover the cost of an external event.

No matter how your event pans out, this is a special day for you and your family as well as your church community. Planning ahead, particularly if you have a large function to cater for, can help you to feel more relaxed on the day and get to spend it celebrating this special event with your child and partner.