3 Authentic Indian Desserts to Finish Off the Perfect Meal

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3 Authentic Indian Desserts to Finish Off the Perfect Meal

26 January 2016
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To finish off the perfect Indian meal, you absolutely have to order dessert. This is especially true if you had some fiery hot curry or dishes, as sweet desserts will help balance and neutralize the spiciness from the previous courses. Although most Indian restaurants offer standard American desserts, like ice cream, you should expand your palate and try out some authentic Indian desserts. If you've been wondering what you should look forward to, here are 3 desserts that might pique your interest.

Shahi Tukra or Royal Toast

If you want to dine like the royals do, look for shahi tukra, otherwise known as royal toast, on the menu. This dessert consists of deep-fried bread that has been soaked in syrup and slathered with a reduction of milk and saffron. This dessert comes from northern India, and was traditionally made to display the wealth and generosity of the Muslim nobility. Because of this, shahi tukra is often topped with gold leaves and other beautiful garnishments. 

Kheer or Indian Rice Pudding

If you're looking for a light dessert after eating a large meal, you should try kheer. This sweet, yet light pudding is made from rice that is first lightly fried in ghee before getting boiled in sugared milk until the milk thickens. There are many variations of kheer available. While some restaurants may offer at its simplest form, other Indian restaurants may spice up this dessert by adding herbs and spices, like cinnamon, and other garnishes on top. 

Gulab Jamun or Cardamom Syrup-Soaked Desserts

Gulab jamun is also a very popular Indian dessert, and is perfect if you love doughnuts, as it is basically doughnuts with a slight twist. These round, mini doughnuts are soaked in a bowl of rose-flavored water before they are served. Cardamom is also added into the dough. These doughnuts do not have a chewy texture. Instead, they'll melt in your mouth.


There are plenty of other authentic Indian desserts that can be found at local restaurants such as Royal India Restaurant. You'll be surprised at just how well some of these desserts can complement your meal. Don't be afraid to branch out. You might be surprised at what you'll end up enjoying. In fact, the desserts may end up being your favorite part of your meal after you get a taste of all of the different sweet and delightful Indian desserts that are available to you.