How to Make Healthier Choices at Seafood Restaurants

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How to Make Healthier Choices at Seafood Restaurants

29 November 2018
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If you are watching your waistline or are simply concerned about your day-to-day health, what you eat is the number one factor in achieving your health goals. For health-conscious people, skipping a juicy burger and eating some seafood can seem like a healthy choice. This is generally the case, but seafood can also be a Trojan horse, loaded with calories that you shouldn't be eating. The next time you go to a seafood restaurant be sure to enjoy the delicious food, but also try to make healthier eating decisions using these tips.

Note how your seafood is cooked

A grilled salmon filet is always going to be healthier than a plate full of fish and chips, so be wary of the idea that all seafood is healthy because the way the food is cooked can dramatically change what it does for your body. Yes, a plate of fish and chips will still give you nutrition from the fish, but the fried batter will also be full of unnecessary fats and laden with calories. Seafood that is snuck into a creamy chowder is also a bad idea. If you're trying to eat in a healthier way then always ask for your seafood to be grilled, steamed or poached.

Avoid tempting sides

One of the traps of a seafood restaurant is that the main dish is often served with scrumptious sides that are difficult to resist. Don't let yourself off the hook because you are eating healthy prawns or salmon, and pay attention to the side dishes that you order as well. Fish and chips, for example, are a big no-no, not just because of the fried batter but also because of the chunky chips, especially if you like to drown them in ketchup or mayonnaise. Don't be afraid to customise your own meal and ask for a side of veggies or salad instead of mashed potatoes.

Get decadent with oysters

Freshly caught oysters are the height of culinary decadence, and they don't get served up with huge sides or cream sauces. Since oysters are relatively small but full of flavour, you don't need to eat a whole lot to get the seafood kick that you are craving, and they also happen to be one of the healthiest sources of protein out there. Oysters contain all of the nine essential amino acids your body needs, as well as omega fatty acids and a good amount of protein. Eat these and you can feel guilt-free while your immune system gets a boost.

Now that you know how to eat seafood the healthy way, all you need to do is make a reservation at your nearest seafood restaurant.