Throwing a Party for Your Kid: 3 Top Tips

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Throwing a Party for Your Kid: 3 Top Tips

1 December 2019
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If it will be your kid's birthday soon, you may be thinking about ways in which you can celebrate in style. A great way of celebrating a birthday is to hire a table at a local restaurant so your child can celebrate with all of their friends. Below is a guide that will help you to make your child's birthday extra special. Read on to find out more about birthday parties for kids.

1. Have a theme

One great way of making a child's birthday super fun is to have a theme for the day. For example, if your kid has been obsessed with pirates recently, you could send out invites asking everyone to come dressed as a pirate. If you are struggling for ideas, think about recent movies, computer games and comics which your child has enjoyed. A theme is a fantastic way of making everyone feel part of the fun. It will also give you the opportunity to help your child to design their costume, which is a way of building up the anticipation before the big day.

2. Order finger food

Young kids probably won't want to spend their time sitting still and eating a three-course meal. If you attempt to make them do this, they may get frustrated. Instead, you should ask the restaurant to serve a variety of finger foods that the children can pick at when they feel like it. Great finger foods include fries, chicken dippers, fish fingers and sweet potato wedges.

3. Order a bespoke cake

At any birthday party, the cake is always going to be the main event. You can add to the fun by ordering a bespoke cake for your child that is baked in the shape of one of their comic book heroes or favourite pop singer. You should also be able to add a personalised message sending your child all your love on their special day. By speaking to the restaurant staff beforehand, it should be possible to make arrangements for the cake to be carried out from the kitchen and presented to your child after the main course of food has been finished. The staff can then start singing Happy Birthday to your kid before they blow out the candles.

If you are interested in finding out more, you should get in touch with a local restaurant that specialises in throwing kid's birthday parties. A member of the serving team will be happy to assist you further.