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Regarding tipping when having Chinese food

14 January 2016
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It's not easy to know what the rules are regarding tipping when living in a country where the minimum wage is of the sort that nobody has to resort to living off their tips. It might still be good to tip if you think you've gotten extraordinary service, or if you're in a restaurant where you tend to return frequently. This will keep you on good terms with the restaurant owners and the waitresses. Read More …

Planning a post-baptism function for friends and family

13 January 2016
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If you have a very large family, it can seem slightly overwhelming to host all of your friends and family in your home, especially if you are still living in your relatively small 'couple quarters' and haven't upgraded to a family home yet. Here are some ways to help keep your post-baptism function under control and from stressing you out. Monitor the guest list If you are paying for the function, you have every right to limit the guest list only to friends and family that you regularly interact with -- no point inviting cousin Maria if you haven't spoken to her in 10 years. Read More …